Personal contact information:

Train60 collects the following information for our website users: the first name, last/family name, street address, area, city, phone numbers, contact numbers, email and location on Global Positioning System (mobile phone location/ place) (in general, the application collects information and the profile picture/image (personal identity image/photo) or “PII”. Train60 collects this information when you sign up to become member when you log in, when you start training, when you fill out any query form via our app or website. There may also be other ways in which we collect your information and the above list may not be limited.

Train60 also uses Internet data analysis software to track and analyze traffic movement on the website regarding advertising and promotion for services of certain applications/ requests. Train60 may publish these statistics or share them with other parties without inclusion of personal identity information.

The term non-personal identity information (“Non-PII”) includes such collected information, demographic information and other information which does disclose your specific identity. We, the external service providers, collect information related non-personal identity information from you including control address to access media, type of computer, screen resolution/ accuracy, issuing of the operation system, Internet browser and demographic data/ information, for example, your location, sex and date of birth.

We collect personal identity information so that the final output/product is not you in person or any other website user, for example, by using personal identity information for calculating the percentage of users who have a certain phone area code.

We, the external service providers, may also use cookies, Pixel tags, web beacons and other similar techniques/ technologies in order to provide better service for you with more detailed information, and facilitate your continuous use of our website. If you do not desire to collect information via using cookies, there is another simple procedures in most browsers that allows you to refuse the use of cookies.

“IP” addresses are defined as Internet protocol addresses of the computers which you use. The Internet protocol address of the computer which you use, is set automatically via Internet service provider.

This number is automatically identified and registered in the server log files when users log on to/visit the website, in addition to identification/ specification and registration of log on/visit time (times) and the page (pages) you logged on to/visited. The process of collection of the Internet protocol addresses is considered as standard practice on the Internet, which is automatically performed by many websites.

Use of your personal information:

Train60 uses personal identity information to create users’ accounts and to communicate with users on Train60 services and for the purpose of offering to users additional services, special promotional offers and for charging fees for purchases executed. Train60 may also use personal identity information to implement the conditions of training imposed on users and service.

Train60 may use cookies on the website and boosting the experience of users on the website/application.

Train60 does not sell information collected by other parties. Train60 shares the collected personal identity information with other service providers with whom Train60 works to provide application programming interfaces and other tasks of the website regarding provision of Train60 services.

In addition to the above mentioned, Train60 shares the content of commands of the users of Train60, the first name, the last name, the address and phone number. Train60 may also disclose the personal identity information to other parties such as lawyers or courts or law enforcement authorities according to valid applications/requests related to alleged violations of the terms of using Train60 and the service or other alleged violations of contracts or infringement thereof or similar damage caused to persons or property.

The general public can review the content created by the user on the website such as reviews of service/fitness center and some social networking preferences (for example, admired or favorite pages). Accordingly, Train60 cannot guarantee the privacy of any personal identity information listed on the above mentioned content created by the user.

Non-personal identity information: due to the fact that the non-personal identify information does not identify you personally, we can use such non-personal identity information for any purpose. In addition to the above mentioned, we reserve the right to share the above mentioned non-personal identify information which does not identify you in person, with our subsidiaries/ affiliated companies and with other parties for any purpose. In some cases, we can integrate the non-personal identity information into personal identity information (such as combining your name and geographic location). If we integrate any non-personal identity information into personal identity information, the integrated information is dealt with as personal identity information according since it is integrated in this way.

Internet protocol addresses: We use Internet protocol addresses for specific purposes such as calculation of the levels of use of the website and in helping to diagnose the server issues/problems and management of the website.

We can also use and disclose the internet protocol addresses for all purposes related to the Internet protocol addresses such where we use and disclose personal identity information. It is to be noted that we deal with the Internet protocol addresses, the server log files and related information as non-personal identity information, unless it is specified otherwise to us under the applicable law.

Your e-mail addresses:

For the purpose of registering account, we request you to provide us with your e-mail address or other necessary information needed to contact you online or over the phone. We use your e-mail address and other contact information provided by you to us to confirm your request and communicate with you in the event of a problem with the system, therefore, one can not register without an e-mail address. If you provide us with your e-mail address, you can access your e-mail later, update or amend it or delete any inaccurate information via accessing your account through an account information link on the user’s home page. You can also simply choose not to provide us with your e-mail, nevertheless, you cannot register on the application/website and start training. We provide part of contact information such as (name, surname and phone number) to the member fitness center you start your training with. We can also use this information to facilitate and improve your use of the website, to contact you for internal purposes and to comply with any legal requirements.